Super Bowl XLVI Game Preview

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It’s a repeat performance of the classic 42nd Super Bowl clash in 2008 as the New York Giants take on the New England Patriots in a ruthless fight for NFL glory at the Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. Do not miss this larger-than-life event and make sure you head on over to Titan Bet for all your online betting needs.

A look at the current Super Bowl odds will show you that the books are listing the Patriots as favourites, but any NFL expert will tell you that this game could go either way. In the last match-up between these two teams, the Giants cooked up a real upset defeating the Patriots 24-20. The repercussions of this game were surprising, however, as we watched the Giants go on to lose their next 4 games, and the Patriots win all of theirs.

The bottom line is that we’re looking at a really balanced head-to-head game with both teams performing well. Tom Brady and Eli Manning are superb QBs, and when you add to that two first-class coaches in Bill Bilichick and Tom Coughlin, as well as experienced players on both sides of the field, you know you’ve got a real football game on your hands. Taking into consideration the quality of the offense line of both of these teams, it makes sense to expect a point-rich game so as far as betting on totals is concerned, it’s quite likely that this game will make the over of 55.

Talking about offense leads to the obvious yet logical conclusion: defense will be key. The Giants’ pass rush can be fast-and-furious led by DE Jason Pierre-Paul who has marked up 17 sacks this season. He’ll be hoping to add to that figure at the expense of Brady. When it comes to pass defense, the Giants have less to be proud of racking up 255 game yards over the year which is 4th most in the league. For the Giants, it will come down to getting to Brady as soon as possible or facing the horrible consequences of an infiltration by Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez.

The Patriots’ defense has improved recently although games against the Broncos and Ravens probably shouldn’t be counted as benchmarks since neither of these teams can really be considered offensive killers. They’ll have to dig deep to block out the Giants. While it’s likely that Manning will produce some mistakes, it’s up to the Patriots to make those mistakes count and act in their favour. For this reason, Patrick Chung will have to up his game. Manning is known for his sometimes overly-ambitious throws and Chung will have to be sharper than he has been this season to take advantage of any sloppiness from the Giants’ QB.

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